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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions governing EagleWings Group Membership (“EWGM”) jointly operated by EagleWings Group (“Group”) its entities (“Entity”) EagleWings Cinematics Pte Ltd (Business Registration Number: 201802972G), EagleWings Loft Pte Ltd (Business Registration Number: 201708592H) and EagleWings Yacht Charters Pte Ltd (Business Registration Number: 201529548R) are:

  • To join, Members must fulfil a set of criteria in the ensuing order:

        (a)  Be 12 years of age and above

        (b)  Complete EWGM registration form with correct and valid information via the Advocado platform

        (c)  Spend a minimum of $200 at EagleWings Loft and/or EagleWings Cinematics (on-site) by end 2020.

              This criteria will be subject to changes after this date.

  • Upon qualifying for membership, Members may proceed to our premises at 9 King Albert Park to collect their EagleWings Privilege Card. Collection hours are 10am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays, excluding Public Holidays and eve of Public Holidays. Members are required to make an appointment for this service.

  • Members who receive their EagleWings Group Privilege Card before entering their details on the Advocado platform must do so thereafter to enjoy privileges accorded via the platform. Failure to do so may result in limited privileges.

  • Members shall be responsible for updating any change to their personal particulars via the Advocado platform. EagleWings Group and its Entities shall not be responsible for any dispute or situation regardless of whether it results in any loss or damage that may arise due to missing, incorrect, or outdated records.

  • Members who do not have sufficient records on Advocado may be asked to present their EagleWings Group Privilege Card before a privilege is accorded.

  • Membership expiry is stated on the Privilege Card. EagleWings Group will not entertain any dispute relating to the accordance of privileges after the expiry date.

  • Members agree to be bound by the Group’s Privacy Policy, as shall be amended from time to time, which outlines how EagleWings Group and its Entities manage a Member’s personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 or such other statutory provisions, and shall be deemed to have consented to the Group’s or Entity’s collection, use or disclosure of a Member’s personal data for purposes set out therein relating to Members, Group’s or Entities’ general business purposes, any purposes reasonably connected with the above mentioned purposes and any other purposes for which the Group and/or its Entities have specially obtained consent.

  • A Member found to have misled the Group and/or any Entity may have his/her Membership revoked if such misleading information or omissions or misrepresentations result in the breach of the Terms and Conditions or where the Member would not be eligible or qualified to be a member of EagleWings Group if not for the misleading information or omissions or misrepresentations.

  • Members may be asked to provide personal information to EagleWings Group before registering or entering any competition promoted by EWGM. Employees of EagleWings Group and its Entities, including immediate families, may become members of EWGM but cannot enter competitions promoted by EagleWings.

  • Neither the Group, its Entities, nor their respective officers, agents, employees and related bodies corporate make any representation or warranty as to the quality, suitability or merchantability of any goods or services offered as prizes. EagleWings Group and/or its Entities will not be liable for any loss (including any indirect or consequential loss) or damage by reason of any act or omission, deliberate or negligent, of EagleWings Group in connection with the EWGM unless such liability may not be lawfully excluded, in which case liability will be limited to the greatest extent permitted by law. The Group and its Entities are not responsible for any injury or damage from any technical malfunction of Internet systems, servers, or software resulting from EWGM membership.

  • Personal information EagleWings collects from Members is maintained in accordance with EagleWings Privacy Policy. Personal information collected may be used for marketing and/or promotional communications.

  • The receiving of the EagleWings Privilege Card and/or entering of particulars into the Advocado platform constitutes to an acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

  • EagleWings and/or its Entities reserve the right to amend the points redemption system without prior notice.

  • EagleWings may in its sole discretion amend the terms and conditions of the EWGM without prior notice.